Saturday, October 17, 2020

2020 Winners

 Congratulations to the 2020 Winners!!  Thanks to everyone who voted this year.  The Future for Oneonta Foundation and The Daily Star appreciate your support of this community project.  

City Residential-82 Spruce Street

Town Residential-410 Chestnut Street 

Curb Appeal-6 Hazel Street

New Construction-245 Upper East Street

Most Improved-6 Irving Place

 Rental Most Improved-60 West Street

Landscaping-152 River Street

Historical-9 Walnut Street

Institutional-SUNY Oneonta Welcome Center

Business-Hill City Grill

Business Landscaping-Pizzaland

Monday, September 7, 2020

Voting Link

Here is the link for voting.  One vote per person please.  

Special Thanks to our 2020 Properties of Merit Commitee

Jennifer Armstrong

Jill Basile

 Hannah Baskin

 Kim Baskin

 Sabrina Beckerink

 David Brower

Heidi Buzzy

Angie Eichler

 Jess Endries

 Jenn Grigoli

 Caelena Johnson

 Betty Lee

 Kaytee Lipari

 Cassandra Mullinnex

 Clark Oliver

 Jaclyn Origoni

 Laura Raner

Residential City

6 Suncrest Terrace

9 Huntington Ave.

13 Park Ave.

23 Spruce St.

82 Spruce St.   

Residential Town

7 Ceperley Ave.

18 Shepard Ave.

359 Winney Hill Rd.

410 Chestnut St.

5837 St. Hw. 7

5687 St. Hw. 7

Curb Appeal

2 Draper St.  

4 Valleyview St. 

6 Hazel St. 

52 Spruce St. 

64 Woodside Ave.

115 Spruce St. 

New Construction

18 Schoolhouse Lane

104 Sprague Lane

245 Upper East St.

101 Deerfield Drive

198 West St. Ext.